1. Hazy weather remedy?

    Published on 7th July 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    Hey everyone, that pic above was taken a few days ago, right before the haze. Right now, the haze is so bad that those hills in the picture are hardly visible anymore. I can’t even do my usual outdoor activities anymore due to the bad air.

    So, what’s the remedy to this? 4 letters my friends, F O O D. Alright, it is not the only remedy but hey, if you can enjoy a good meal, why not? 

    All those pic was taken during my visit to Roadhouse Grill, Gurney Plaza. I can’t comment on how the food taste like cause I’m not that good with flavors, I can just tell you good or bad, which in this case the food is good. The venue has a great atmosphere to it, and if you ever feel like trying something new, you should definitely go pay the place a visit. 

    Oh and it is located at: 

    18-G-E Persiaran Gurney,

    10250 Penang

    *It is at Gurney Tower Ground Floor, right beside Kapitan

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    That’s about it then, take care and have a great weekend!

  2. Talent Search ’11 Finals

    Published on 30th June 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    Hey everyone, the Talent Search ’11 has finally come to an end and I’m very happy with the effort that the contestant show during their performance. I say none of them even thought of giving up. They all did their best and though not all can win, they managed to impress the crowd and show what the youth in Penang can do! 

    Congratulations to the Three Boys feat. Bevy for becoming the grand champion of this year Talent Search ’11 Powered by MyDeal.com.my. For more pictures and videos, visit the WIO Facebook page.

    See you!

  3. Talent Search ’11 Semi Finals

    Published on 27th June 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    It took awhile but we finally reach the semi finals of Talent Search ’11 Powered by MyDeal.com.my. We had 23 contestants competing for the top 10 spots (make that 7, the top 3 AKA Golden Ticket winners already qualify for the finals). Truthfully, I am kinda disappointed with the performances, their performance just wasn’t as good as their audition performance. I guess probably they are not used to perform on an actual concert stage or something. Thankfully, some of them manage to keep the same level of performance and I’m glad most of them made through to the final round. Anyway, enough of my own opinion and time for pics!

    For more pics, visit the WIO Facebook Semi Finals Album.

    Till next time!

  4. Audio alert!

    Published on 22nd June 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    Hey everyone! There’s a new store opening soon and it is a must go for all audiophiles out there! What’s an audiophile you ask? Google it and who knows, you might be a future audiophile ;) 

    I was introduced to this shop by a friend and apparently they are opening their 2nd Malaysia branch at Penang Island!(the first one is in KL) Their store grand opening will be this Sunday at Straits Quay! So do drop by if you’re in the area. 

    I might not make it for their grand opening but I attended their soft-launch and managed to test some sweet earphones and headphones. Guess that’ll be all for today! 

    Links you might find interesting:

    Facebook Jaben fanpage

    Jaben Penang Grand Opening event page

  5. I mooed

    Published on 19th June 2011/ Tags : Updates/ Photo/

    The cow wasn’t fond of me taking pics of him (I think)

    Realized that being near a cow was not really a good idea (smells)

    Hey everyone, well it is sad to say, I became lazy to blog again. I just got really busy the past 2 weeks and with a lot of things going on in my life, blogging just wasn’t a priority. But now that I got it settled (hopefully), I am back and I’ll continue blogging. Hooray??!!

    Now that we got the self confession part settled, lets go for a more rather interesting topic. Father’s day! I used to treat this kind of special days as just a normal day, but after being busy and not spending time with my family as I used to, I am glad that special days exist. I know I know, you should not treat your parents/love ones just cause of some special day but sometimes, you just got caught up with other things in life that you forgot to spend time with them as you usually do. We’re humans, we make mistakes.

    What I did for this year father’s day was to allocate my whole day just to spend time with my dad, I didn’t have any appointments or go out with my friends. Just me and my dad hanging out. I became his driver for the day, bring my dad and my mom to places they wanna go and had dinner with them. Just the normal thing I guess, but it meant so much to me this year. Well that’s all about it for today! 

    So how was your father’s day?

  6. The wrap up

    Published on 26th May 2011/ Tags : Updates/

    Hey everyone, finally free to do a summary of what happened. So here goes, we completed all the audition venues, you can check up all of the post I posted:

    1. First A
    2. Third A
    3. Fourth A
    4. Fifth A
    5. Sixth A

    And we also completed the Top 25 for the competition. The top 3 will be competing straight at the finals on June 5th, whereas the remaining contestants will be competing at the semis on June 4th. The semis and finals will be held at Penang Times Square. To find out who’s the Top 25 or for more information, visit here.

  7. The sixth A

    Published on 18th May 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    Finally, the final audition day and the venue is at RedBox Gurney Plaza, we expected a huge number of auditions and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The talents whom appeared surprised us and made us felt that organizing this talent search was definitely worth it. 

    Here are some pictures from the day:

    At the end of the day, we ended up with 46 auditions! That’s the highest number we got from all the previous audition venues. Thank you all for coming and look forward for the Top 25 contestants!

  8. The fifth A

    Published on 15th May 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    The fifth audition venue was held at Penang Times Square and it is the 2nd continuous day of our audition. As expected, more bands came to perform at Times Square compared to the other venues. I’m guessing it has to do more with the open stage. We had a few walk in auditions too. Overall the day went smoothly and at the end of the day, we ended up with 18 auditions which is not too shabby.

    Oh right, pictures!

    That will be all for today, till the next post!

  9. The fourth A

    Published on 12th May 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    After 3 intense days of continuous uploading pics, I finally had time to blog again. Anyway, this time we’re at 1st Avenue Red Box. This is the first time I’ve been to 1st Avenue Red Box and it is huge! The rooms are definitely bigger then Gurney (probably cuz the rental here is cheaper).

    So far, 1st Avenue Red Box has the highest number of participants, a total of 32 auditioned that day. Here are some pics of the contestants:

    Finally, we would like to thank RedBox, 1st Avenue for having us!

    Stay tune for the next post! 

  10. The third A

    Published on 7th May 2011/ Tags : Photo/

    We finally completed the audition at Red Box 1st Avenue and it was a real exhaustive one. However, Red Box 1st Avenue was not the 3rd audition venue. The 3rd audition venue falls on Disted College.

    We had our auditions held in Disted test hall, being a test hall, we had to move all the numerical arranged tables to the side to make space (this is a major PITA during the clearing up process), after everything was set up, the auditions began.

    Here are some pics of the participants:

    For more pictures of the auditions, visit Youth Jam ‘11 Talent Search Auditions album

    We had found some awesome talents at Disted and we can’t wait to see what Times Square and Redbox Gurney Plaza will offer.